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Employee Benefits Brokers are redefining customer relationships and driving measurable improvements across all customer management processes with the complete, affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution preconfigured specifically for the benefits brokerage industry.

The Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM user experience has been designed to be a natural extension of Microsoft Office® and Outlook®, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that fosters user adoption and productivity. Because the product is built on the scalable and secure .NET platform and leverages standard tools and technology, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk® Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio®, Microsoft CRM allows you to take advantage of your existing IT investments and in-house expertise to help minimize your total cost of ownership.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Benefit Brokers - BenefitsBridge - allows principals and producers to track and manage policy data with easy to use tools. Search for customers and prospects by eligibility, renewal dates, carriers, and more. Receive automated policy renewal notices via email on your computer, cell phone or PDA. And keep all policy documents and notes organized.

The value of a CRM solution depends on how quickly it is embraced by the sales, marketing, and customer service employees who will use it. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was created specifically to ensure that all users can take full advantage of its features with minimal training. And because it provides streamlined installation and management, seamless integration with systems across your company and beyond, and increased levels of reliability, scalability, and security, it will help your company improve productivity, control costs, and maximize return on investment.


Works The Way You Do
Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates directly into Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Office Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®, enabling your employees to work within the familiar, comfortable Outlook environment. The result: everyone in your company will quickly be able to begin using Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools for managing sales, services, and marketing processes.

Works The Way Your Business Does
Every company has its own processes, its own culture, and its own way of reaching out to customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible solution that can be quickly customized to your company’s current needs while providing a flexible, scalable platform that will grow as your business expands.

Works The Way Technology Should
Mergers, acquisitions, and years of shifting IT priorities have left many companies struggling with the problem of how to integrate a wide range of often incompatible legacy applications. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was created to enable companies to standardize and consolidate customer information no matter where it is created or stored.

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